Monday, February 23, 2009


Italian national team coach, Marcello Lippi, sponsor three Italian clubs in the Champions League to defeat his opponents English origin, and race to the quarter final.

Eight innings in the Champions League final this time all the Serie-A representative will meet with three representatives from the four remaining British. Two champion in each league, Inter Milan and Manchester United will face each other. Meanwhile, Chelsea will meet Juventus, AS Roma and Arsenal faced with.

Fight the three, the home club Lippi believes Italy will be able to overcome the resistance that the UK representatives. This is not because Lippi also came from Italy, but his confidence because of the ability of each team.

"Roma, Juventus, d an Inter team that is three more good condition. Therefore, I believe they have a great opportunity to get away," said Lippi. "It is not easy for them to face. But with a mix of physical and mental prime is good, they can do."

Rome and Inter will try to get them on Tuesday (24 / 2) tomorrow. Meanwhile, Juventus will entertain Chelsea in the day tomorrow, (25 / 2). (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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