Monday, February 23, 2009


Later, often circulating newspaper salaries the players Pelita Jaya Jawa Barat has not been paid. However, it soon be debated management team ber called the Baby Magic.

Indeed, quite surprising if there are financial problems that Pelita whack. His team is supported by a rich, Nirwan Dermawan Bakrie.
Unfortunately a lot of funds to form a team Pelita the patriarch does not work out. They would end the first round of Indonesia Super League (Isl) 2008-09 in the bottom of the board.

Poor performance was followed by the rumor about a delay is not tasteful player salaries. Was made during these four months, the players failed to get it right. However, direct rebuttal dilontarkan by Rahim Soekasah manager.

"Conditions Pelita adequately and does not have the late payment of salary," said Rahim, Monday (23 / 2). "We always meet our obligations to the players.

According to him, the delays in salary payments for one to two days are ever the case. However, the delay did not occur until the matter of salary payment month. (Irawan)

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