Monday, February 23, 2009


Behind the number seven from Manchester United as the leaders Klasemen can not be denied is that the distance is far enough. However, the Liverpool coach, Rafael Benitez believes pasukannya still can realize the dream become a Premier League champion for the first time.

"The situation is more difficult at this time," says Benitez after his team Manchester City in equilibrium in its own cage, Sunday (22 / 2). "We have to beat Middlesbrough and Sunderland. I believe we can do it. After that, we have a new victory at Old Trafford."

MU will face Liverpool in his enclosure on 14 March. According to Benitez, the fight is the key. If you can win, the Reds will become a champion.

"This is certainly not easy. MU can always win the match despite not playing good," Benitez go. "However, there is still fight 12. Everything has not ended. Essentially, we must win and can reduce the distance before meeting with the MU."

To realize it, Benitez must rotate smart PLAYERS. Advised, in the last 3 to front, Fernando Torres et al will be tight because the schedule was also in the Champions League. The business Reds return to Europe that will take the start on Wednesday (25 / 2) for Real Madrid.

Steven Gerrard is absent when the City is expected to be revealed. "We'll see after practice Monday. Then I will discuss with the team doctor. However, the injury situation is improved," Benitez demolished. (spur / Photo: Dock. SOCCER)

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