Monday, March 30, 2009

Separate Headquarters

STEP Juventus who want to separate the ownership of the stadium Torino problem seems to be immediately followed by AS Roma and Lazio. Local mayor has confirmed that Roma and Lazio can build a separate stadium.

Both clubs have long actually considering to build the stadium separately, rather than have to share the Olimpico Stadium together.
When the separation plan of the stadium can be realized immediately, and it will give positive impact to both Roma and Lazio for. Both teams can increase the amount of income from ticket sales and of course to build a store that sells merchandise accessories club official.

"We are very percara themselves and continue to work with intense local search for the right to build a new stadium. Is not easy, because the new stadium should be able accommodate the interests of fans, especially in terms of transportation, "said Mayor Gianni Alemanno.

"Building a new stadium will be important to both influential club, because that means there will be new revenue to help finance the club," augment him.

Not like the UK where every club has its own stadium. In Italy does not have a club that has its own stadium. In addition to Roma and Lazio, there is still a Juventus Torino and must share ownership of the stadium.

Even two club city seteru Milan, AC Milan and Inter Milan, must also share a stadium. The difference is only a matter of pronouncing the name of the stadium only. When the name of Milan San Siro, Inter then select the Giuseppe Meazza. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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