Thursday, February 5, 2009


Juan Sebastián Verón was selected as the best South America in 2008. Degree awarded by the prestigious newspaper celebrated Uruguay, El Pais.
Based on the results of Polling, Veron thin win over fellow senegaranya Juan Roman Riquelme of Boca Juniors defend. Estudiantes captain who bring meritorious team that won the Apertura title with only 3 votes difference.

Occupied the third place of Salvador Cabanas. Club America striker Paraguay origin is behind 19 points from Veron. Cabanas is a wholesaler own previous degree, the in 2007. Andres D 'Alessandro (Internacional) and Jose Francisco Cevallos (Liga Deportiva Universitaria) followed in fourth and fifth rank.

Veron confess that award with pride. Moreover, it be when he is approaching retirement time. "This proves I am not only be valued at the local level. But in the world," he was cheerful.

"This came at a special moment in my life. Objektifku appear in the play is as good as possible," the firm try to be back by Diego Maradona to return berkostum the Tango team. (spur / Photo: Dock. SOCCER)

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