Sunday, February 8, 2009

Passing: Short Feed

Passing or bait that is very important in both games. Without all that, the flow of the ball in the team will not be smooth and the ball can easily be seized opponent.

In order to do passing well, basically use the foot in. But this is also a risk of easy to read the direction opposite the ball. In addition, players themselves are often difficult to set up power kick. Therefore, disarakankan only use this technique to make a short pass.

Tips to forage short

1. Ideally the ball with the approach angle of 30 degrees. This is useful in order to have space to do the kick.
Then place the legs that are not used to kicking on the side of the ball. Use your arms as balance the body. During the head upright and you should see the ball with your eyes.

2. Next single position should be upright. Then swing your leg to kick. Try to do kick the ball right in the middle so the ball does not bounce. The legs kicking in the side part in the.

3. Please note, the strength of backlash you determine the distance pass. Swing your legs longer, if you want to lure to the remote peer. It is not easy to estimate how big size of the required precision in order to provide fodder. Therefore, often try to be out by itself.

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