Tuesday, February 10, 2009


AFTER discharge himself as Trainer PSM Makassar, King Jesus, confess still not know the train to the football club. Decisions about it, the new king will be decided in two days.
Thursday (5 / 2) and, finally the King Jesus is no longer served as a coach PSM. Club management decided to halt the King. As a substitute for King, PSM Hanafing appointed assistant coach.

King quit this polemic was raised in the body of PSM. General Chairman of the PSM, Ilham Arif Siradjuddin be irate with the resignation of the King, as the news headlines in the local media, but have never been concerned in consultation with management.

This news immediately be debated by the King. "That is wrong and not true. The news media is wrong. I certainly did not have a problem with the PSM, "he said, Monday (9 / 2).
About where the King will be trained, the man who also served as a Trainer Persipura Jayapura is still reluctant to disclose. New king is willing to give a decision in two days.

"For now, I still refuse to comment. I do not make a decision. I will decide after the anniversary of the upcoming February 11. At that time, I will decide which club to train, "his him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

source (www.duniasoccer.com)

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