Monday, March 9, 2009


Criticism of Arsène Wenger given. Arsenal manager to ask the FA to provide heavy penalties for those players who do tekel dangerous. Thorough, Wenger want the players punished suspension of the match 10.

Wenger statements are based on the fact that the last few years, the Premier League fight the more dangerous it is. Especially for the striker-striker who can be considered a threat to its opponents contend.
Wenger had lost their own PLAYERS, Eduardo, for one year due to severe injuries that befall circle feet. Had feared his career would end, but Eduardo has appeared to recover fully.

According to Wenger, this unfortunately for the players who make the dangerous tekel only three in the suspension during the match. That it is not punishment enough. Therefore Wenger request more punishment. The goal is to improve the standard of competition league.

"An accident can happen when two players gets the ball, but it rarely happens. What I see is that there are players who deliberately violation (tekel) to hurt the other players. And unfortunately there is no adequate punishment for the incident, "said Wenger to the Daily Mail.

"They should form a committee to analyze how much the match suspension. Maybe we should strengthen our own players. But sometimes there are players who do tekel hard fact is that deeds are not dangerous, "his complaint. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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