Friday, March 13, 2009


Manchester City wants to bring David Villa presumably encountered steep road. Recently, the citadel of Valencia began to determine the price very high for Villa, believe 100 million euros, or Rp 1.5 triliyun.

Unilateral decision of the management of El Che make this clear entrenchment City will begin the dither. Although The Citizens now have reincarnate into a new rich club, but the price is still considered to be unduly high for Villa.

See less good indication of the career of its clients, agents Villa, Jose Luis Tamargo, meyatakan disappointment with the attitude the club. Himself believes that the steps taken Valencia will only hamper his chance to go from Villa Mestalla.

"Steps taken by Fernando Gomez (vice president of Valencia-Red), it is not right. He is in the unilateral, and does not reflect my interests and my client," said Tamargo to the U.S.. "All is not running smoothly because the club is negotiating behind us. And, that aggravate, they do not discuss this with us. I alone know all this from the media."

That, the decision Valnecia determine the price for Villa made to pay the debt because of 75 million euros, or Rp1, before July 1 trillion later. Therefore, El Che Villa still possible to remove the limit before the end of it. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

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