Sunday, February 8, 2009

Power Training

One part of the training football that should not be overlooked is the power strength training or practice. Absolutely legal. When doing exercises that aim to increase power, it is also tiring irksome. However, if you see "khasiatnya," is very large.

Power training is routine and systematic, increase the severity backlash. Strength of the legs will be more stability and maximum body will very terbantu. Body will not be easily confused when the bodies collide with the opponent.

Other property that is helping increase eksplosivitas during a sprint. For the initial run the speed will increase.

If the routine melakoni power training, so will musculature is strong. So that will affect the very body resistance against injury. The body does not easily contain more and flawed.

Back muscles and stomach muscles are the two important parts of the body be at melakoni power training. If the musculature in the two vital part of strong, many injuries can be avoided.

Power training should be part of a permanent training program. Especially for young players aged 14 years and over. Exercises in this category can be done in various ways. For example, push ups, sit ups, swimming, or go to the fitness.

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