Sunday, February 8, 2009

Basic Principles When survive Free kick

Often a club opponent get injured when the free kick. For the free kick the opponent, often bear touchdown. Therefore when opponents get the free kick, must be anticipating that right.

Next tricks so that the opponent did not take the maximum advantage from the free kick.

1. The location near the gate to the free kick, the long posse itself. Similarly, vice versa.
2. The posse is done by a goalkeeper or a player standing in front of the rear position of the ball.
3. The posse be higher bodies. The highest standing on the outermost posse. The in, the more short.

4. Besides posse, the defense is usually done at the opponent man to man marking. The position of the stand should be in between the opponent and a center point hurdle.
5. Try all the players stand up to ride with posse. When the free kick is made, one-two players back to the gate, the rest follow the movement of the opponent.

6. Same situation as the other standards, the division of tasks must be clear. Individual players absolute duty to know the exact time free kick occurred.

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