Sunday, February 8, 2009

Turning: ball control

Control is one of the most important basic element in football. Control is a good beginning of everything. Able to control the ball with the trim will make the movement easier to do other, either shoot it or lure. So, first make sure the technique is perfectly.

Tips to do:
1.Look coming ball. Quick think of what will be controlled. Whether using the head, chest, or legs. But basically control the ball with the feet more effectively.

2. Start with members of the body that will be used to mengntrol ball. If using the thigh eventually decide to do so, prepare to welcome the way ball placing the direction of the ball.

3.After the ball touches the thigh, make sure you rileks. Make a thigh surface seems to be a "place" a soft ball that does not extensively. If you can do so, the ball will be easy and you can do the next movement.

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