Tuesday, February 10, 2009


BY Brazil Soccer Association (CBF), the transfer record in one year become the property of this country. Currently, the Brazilian origin of the transfer process involved to reach 1176.

The record is the achievement of the 1085 season ago soccer player, or up to 8.4 percent. This figure is even two times out of ten years ago (530), and increased 13-fold from 30 years ago (87).

From the total, and each spread pebola the 222 clubs in Asia, Europe to 762, 105 to the clubs in the Latin American countries, 69 to the North and Central America, and the remaining 15 players to the African soccer.

Most favorite destination in the European league this year is Portugal, which reached 209 pebola. Next is Germany (58), Switzerland (46), and Spain (34).

According to the CBF, clubs in Brazil is not able to rival the European offered financial and Asia. This derasnya that underlie large-scale migration pebola origin of the Brazilian mainland Europe and Asia.

Moreover, Brazil is known as a country that has pebola-pebola talented. However, they still limit the age of 16 as the minimum a player can be tied to a club outside the country. (Irawan)

source (www.duniasoccer.com)

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