Tuesday, February 10, 2009


European football federation, UEFA have net profit of 250 million euros, or Rp 3 trillion from the 2008 European Cup presentation. Obtaining funds from the discount benefits that achieve both the host, Austria and Switzerland.

Of funds, the League will use for the development of young soccer and women's football competition. In addition they will also prepare a program to fund development of technology trainer and referee.

Director of operational execution Cup 2008 Europe, Martin KALLEN, reveal that the income be in the European Cup this time a little larger than the same event four years ago. In addition, some progress in the case of television or means of transportation, deems as one of the factors that cause the amount of profit be.

KALLEN factors also mention the bad weather that had occurred in the early-early delivery, and the presence of black market tickets for sale, does not affect too much. To anticipate the black market, they anticipate around 1300 to cancel the ticket almost tournament.

"Obviously black market constraints is a very serious deal," said KALLEN. "Many outstanding tickets in the black market. This must be a lesson to be more valuable to anticipate the future, although we also realize this is not by others to be one hundred percent clean. "(Irawan / photo: Dock. SOCCER)

source (www.duniasoccer.com)

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