Tuesday, February 10, 2009

success CAPELLO

Brilliant appearance in the English national team under coach Fabio Capello nurture start bear results. The Three Lions successfully brought back into the top ten list of the order issued by FIFA.
Since by Capello, England won all their fight at the World Cup qualification in 2010. Consequently, they jumped four positions to rank 10.

Euro 2008 champion ago, Spain was still at the top of the roost, while Germany rose to the position of the two friction Italy. Below them a row the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Croatia, Russia, and the Czech Republic, a complete list of the ten major sequence FIFA.

The progress achieved by The Three Lions is clearly starting to make sure Don Fabio will be able to pass his team to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. "I am very pleased to be handling this team to the World Cup in 2010. And I will try to make a pass to England South Africa," Capello firm. (Irawan / Photo: dok.SOCCER)

source (www.duniasoccer.com)

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