Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shooting: Overhead Kick

There are no more special print from the goal through overhead kick. Doing so is difficult, but can be mastered if you can print a goal from any position. For example when the ball distance, you can still make a shot to the wicket.

So, try to be trained. Keep in mind, but do it on a soft surface to prevent back injury.

Tips to do:

1. ready-preparedto pinch the ball and see the ball coming. In this technique it is important that the momentum is right. Therefore seek a position as possible. For, the ball often came quickly in the direction difficult. Do not try to ditendang hard. Self-kick with the strength necessary only because of the encouragement of the movement your body will provide additional strength to the shot.

2. jump and prepare your feet to kick. Use only the foot is not as encouragement to kick to jump to the top. Start the sink while the eyes remain specific to the ball. When the body starts to fall behind, the foot does not kick the ball to move up. While the foot is used to kicking in the land.

3. Whenball is in the ideal position, move the foot used to kick to the ball. Otherwise not take the foot used to kick towards the bottom as soon as possible. At this position the position of your body's top surface should be horizontal with the ground. If the ball is too high, the body will sag high. Then later on the movement of your feet will give strength to the ball.

4. When you fall, prepare your hands to carry the body. Rotate not to fall back into the object. Use your arm as a base for the fall. But never use the elbow or head to do so.

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