Sunday, February 8, 2009

Passing: Drive Passing

Want to like Steven Gerrard who often provide an accurate long pass? Is known as bait with a drive passing.

Basic principles do so by utilizing the surface between the finger and foot ankle for kicking the ball. If appropriate, the ball will lead to a difficult colleague, and anticipated by the oppo

Tips to do:

1. Approach ball with the angle about 30 degrees. The goal is that you have room to swing the leg to kick freely. Meanwhile, the position of the foot for not kicking on the side of the ball. Use both arms to try and balance the body and eyes is to keep your head to the ball.

2. To keep the ball remains on the bottom, to keep the concentration fixed on the back of the knee. Kick ball right in the middle of the ball with the surface between the finger and foot circle. When kicking, foot position showed a thumbs down.

3. After that continue to be comfortable with the kick strength the better the shot.

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