Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making Light LunaRacer Heating Period

Re-issued a new breakthrough Nike. Manufacturers apparel origin is the United States launched a product running shoes with the latest technology. Innovative shoe is called LunaRacer.

LunaRacer Foam Lunarlite use technology that will make users feel comfortable in the run and not feel any burden by weight of the shoe. Foam was also distribute pressure evenly so that the shoes protect the feet from pain and injury. Although used for long-distance running.

Although the actual set aside as special shoes marathon athlete, the pebola can also use the "services" LunaRacer. Certainly not at the time make it to the gridiron. But when the training session off the field. Ranging from jogging, fitness in the gymnasium, to the cross training is to keep the players stamina fitness ball.

With the weight of only about 155 grams, the soccer player would devour all the exercises with the runaway. Be calculated with the shoes that are soft, the pebola will not only deplete the energy to move the legs. Conversely, energy is converted back by LunaRacer to the footballer. (adv)

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