Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Ligera tiempo, soccer shoes for the Asia

Welcome the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) CUP upcoming early December 2008, Nike introduced the newest design of football boots, tiempo Super Ligera, shoes designed specifically for the soccer player in Asia.

Tiempo Super Ligera is the result of cooperation with the Nike sports shoes, designer experienced graduates from Southern Illinois University, Doug Wilken to meet the demand of Asian origin footballer soccer shoes that will have high performance, very light but still have the power.

From the results of the survey conducted and the creator of the Nike soccer player on the type of shoes you want, obtained insight that soccer shoes are required must be more lightweight and flexible / flexible, can provide more space at the front of the foot so that it can follow the shape of the foot.

Jeffry Chendana, EKIN Nike India, said that at this time is not much availability of soccer shoes that are designed specifically for the soccer player origin Asian Countries. Super Ligera tiempo presence, which is designed with specifications to meet unique needs of Asian soccer players to support them to improve the performance of the game in the field.

Shape and size of this design are to provide superior comfort with the reinforcement, and so many materials that can be used to adjust the user's feet. Bapah-selected material is a soft material and smooth to prevent injury in the foot because of friction and help shape the top of the shoe with the foot wrapped up good and comfortable. (*)

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