Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shooting: Volley kick

This is one of the techniques that are difficult to do. However, if mastered correctly, you can become a center of attention.

Basically kick volley ball made when it was in the air. Level of complexity is quite high because not easy to keep out the shot according to the target. Most of the float ball is not necessarily the directions.

Tips to do:

1. Be prepared since early. Make sure the eyes focus to the direction the ball will come. Prepare carry the ball in the right direction. Use your hands as balance the body, and start a fire imagine dituju area. Keep the head upright and fixed immediately set point shot. After that place the foot that does not kick possible.

2. swing foot with the tip of the fingers pointing down. Single leg pergerakannya follow. Do not forget that not kicking legs remain in the soil so that the balance of security. Remember also that attention to the right kick. Do not leave too quickly or too late because the backlash is not the maximum. Make sure also kick the ball right in the middle that does not bounce.

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