Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tackling: Block Tackles

Whatever position you play, tackling ability compulsory owned. This technique is very useful to grab the ball when your team lose the ball. Tackling the many techniques available, but only a block tackles made frequent.

Tips to do:

1.Adang opponent as soon as possible so that he does not have the space and opportunity to turn the ball. But not too quickly because the opponent bus pass easily or you can-can you make a mistake self.Ikut movement first and find the right time to press. Sometimes just pressing the only course, the opponent will make mistakes themselves.

2.If sure you get the ball, put your body weight forward to grab the ball with a part in your feet. Ready-prepared because the opponent will likely try to avoid or take the ball to colleagues.

3.If eventually the ball was right in the leg and your opponent, curilah poke the ball with the bottom of the ball. Try to position your feet and the single remains strong in this movement. This was a necessary step to avoid injury that may arise.

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