Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Thus if the pair are in love was heavy. To express their feelings, not a rare pairing is foolish. This, as happened when the ongoing rivalry between the Bundesliga 2 TSV 1860 Muenchen and FC St Pauli, last week.

At the match, the TSV successful gag its opponents with a score telak 5-1. The success of this ride to make TSV ranked 10 in the Bundesliga Klasemen 2.

But is not that big victory that suck up the attention of spectators the match both teams. TSV tertutupi victory this action by the two couples with the sudden cut in entering the field.
Its a scene again, the second pair were not wearing clothes at all. Both body only covered by paint color of costumes that are second team tourney.

Have not made enough bemused, the audience and the players made all surprised when they return smooch in the middle of the field.

Action can own both stopped after two official parties and interesting rivalry dispel them out of the field.

Not yet clear what the purpose and goal of action is to do both. But that, when they were drawn out of both is seen laughing.

There are no-go! (Adek)

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