Wednesday, March 4, 2009


POSITION Carlo Ancelotti was in heavy pressure. Vice President Adriano Galliani, Ancelotti threatening the sack when the failed to bring AC Milan finish third in the ranking in Klasemen final Serie-A.

Explicit statement that was followed out to its Galliani Milan's UEFA Cup defeat, and also because I experienced Rossoneri from Sampdoria in the last week.

Seasons ago, Milan finish fifth in the ranking in Klasemen end. This result makes Milan for the first time failed to follow the final round of Champions League. And when Milan back to repeat it again, then Galliani not reluctant to immediately sack Ancelotti.
"Carlo Ancelotti will remain Milan coach as a stand when we are ranked third in Klasemen end," tukas Galliani in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Meanwhile, the intimidation associated with this spoken Galliani, Ancelotti respond calmly. Although at this time for Milan to experience difficulties, but Ancelotti remains optimistic his team can meet that target dicetuskan that Galliani.

"For the future of my own, have clearly failed when Milan occupy the third rank and will have things changed, and it will also be involved, including me," said Ancelotti.

"It is true that at this time we experienced many difficulties and we also have not shown up to, but I believe we will succeed to occupy the third rank at the end of Klasemen," accuse him. (Adek / Photo: Dok.SOCCER)

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