Saturday, March 28, 2009

PLAYERS football Iraq died in the shoot FANS

GOVERNMENT Iraq seems to have already started thinking about a matter of security at the game of soccer. A soccer player to shoot in Iraq killed by a spectator when akan print equate goal position.

This incident occurred during the rivalry between the clubs Sinjar against Buhayra held in the city of Hilla, south of the city of Baghdad, Sunday (15 / 3) yesterday. In the fight, the Sinjar was superior to its opponent 1-0 from that.

Miss a goal Buhayra trying to make reply. The opportunity came when striker Buhayra living dealing with the goalkeeper in the Sinjar minute-minute final bout.

But the fate of the striker would end tragically. Not successfully print to make the goal position, soul must be in the field. A spectator suddenly make it to the head shot. Striker Buhayra that is directly killed instantly.

Luckily, the police succeeded in capturing the Iraqi actors shooting. Now suspects are undergoing the process of investigation to complete this case.

Iraqi citizens have actually put a lot of protest to the government asks for the security during the match football improved. The match-play-big in Baghdad usually are often kept tight security, but unfortunately this step is not followed when the teams make the game smaller. (Adek)

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